The other part I consider very important in preparatory meditations is being centered on myself. In this meditation I use a japa or my breath with what I have already understood myself as i.e. a sakshi or a witness of everything, and remain centered as a ... read more

`a mental activity for which the subject matter is the unconditioned reality/Brahman, that means me as limitless/unconditioned awareness.’ This knowledge is gained in the teaching. Remember that no new knowledge is gained in meditation as far as Vedanta... read more

We try to command the quiet and peaceful mind irrespective of what we are doing. If your practice culminates in this, then your meditation has worked for you, then you can command a quiet, peaceful mind whenever you want.

Krishna says that it is not joining that is yoga, it is separation that is yoga. He says we have a natural association with pain. If you are a human being you are vulnerable, there is an unwept sorrow in every human heart. As a human being, I am not a ful... read more