Swami Brahmavidananda Sarasvati

Vedanta Camp

Swami Brahmavidananda &

Swamini Brahmaprajnananda

25th to 27th January 2019

At Keshav Srushti

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Limited Seats!

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6. The primary and secondary sadhana-s in Vedanta

Directly pointing the 'sadhya', the goal of Vedanta as You, Awareness, Swami Brahmavidananda elaborates on Sravanam, Mananam and Niddhidhyasanam. While pointing out the many nuances of the primary sadhana in Vedanta he highlights where and how the secondary sadhana-s fit in, in one's pursuit of moksha.

 Introduction to Vedanta’ (6-part series). Vedanta, a study of the reality between you, world and God, satisfies the need for joy and fulfilment in human life. These videos offer an overview of the key topics in Vedanta. Please listen to the videos in the same order.