Just like a compass or a road map is required for any journey, what is required for the journey of life?

On the basis of our modern education, we may be able to figure out easy ways to make money, have a successful career, fulfilling relationships, engage in pleasurable pursuits. But how does one figure out answers to questions like, ‘Is there a God? Why do good things happen to bad people? What is the purpose of life?  Although I am successful in all respects, why do I feel that something is missing? Can I be happy in all places and at all times?

Every person will have his /her perspective on all these questions which may be a result of thinking or accepted conclusions of society. On the other hand, the Vedas are a means of knowledge that offer answers to all these questions and much more and is the definitive guide to all the pursuits of all human life across all cultures and religions.

Vedic wisdom is available for the seeking as well as the asking!

In this space, you will find articles, dialogues, audio recordings that offer a window of  insight, a moment of transformational possibility, a door to awakening and a mirror for reflection.

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    • Sandhya

      Swamiji, Could you throw some light on What Ahimsa actually means? How does one practice Ahimsa in our day to day life, because as humans one cannot be 100% free from doing some harmful action even unknowingly. Please elaborate. Thankyou.