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The post uploaded a few days ago was the last post on the Bhagavad Gita. Before wrapping up, I would like to enumerate below the key teachings of the Gita.

  • The Gita points out the human problem of samsara, the sense of finitude that every human being suffers from.
  • The solution to this problem cannot be arrived at by action because the results of action are finite. Instead, the solution is self-knowledge, the discovery of oneself as limitless awareness.
  • The life-style for acquiring self-knowledge is the lifestyle of Karma Yoga.
  • The components of Karma Yoga are:
    1. Identification of one’s life’s priorities with moksha (self-knowledge) as the ultimate priority.
    2. Work towards one’s desires in harmony with one’s life priorities and not merely one’s fancies or interests.
    3. Have an attitude of Ishwara arpanam buddhi. offer all actions as worship to Ishvara with respect to the work one does.
    4. Cultivate an attitude of prasada buddhi. accept all results as prasada (grace) from Ishvara with respect to the results of one’s action.
    5. The above two points depend one’s knowledge of Therefore, understanding Ishvara as unfolded in the Vedanta (Gita) is key.
  • The emotional response to understanding is devotion/bhakti. Cultivate it with worship, etc.
  • Understand and bring the 20 values enumerated in Chapter 13 into one’s life.
  • Understand how a Satvic mind functions and make one’s own mind more
  • Meditate to make one’s mind contemplative and to own up/assimilate the knowledge of the self.
  • Understand and, if you so choose, take to sanyasa, a committed pursuit of self-knowledge. Taking sanyasa is optional and possible only if all priorities are fulfilled and moksha is the only remaining goal.
  • If one has owned up self-knowledge i.e made it an integral part of one’s life, then one is a sanyasi irrespective of one’s life-style.
  • Study the Gita and the posts that have been uploaded until you can find a living guru to study it with or use the blog to supplement your studies.


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    • Mahesh

      Why am I in this world what is my role on this earth why I am born when I am going to die.
      The people whom I love will this earth one day. So if there is sorrow over here then why I am here.
      Trying to find out all these answers but not getting through it.