The shirt is mithya, the cloth is satyam. That means the shirt is functionally valid but it does not have a reality apart from the cloth.

Balance is yoga Sankhya yoga/Topic of knowledge(Chapter 2…continued) Lord Krishna gives two definitions of karma-yoga in the second chapter, let’s look at both of them in this post. Readers should note that although the third chapter of the Gita i... read more

If you have chosen the appropriate actions, in keeping with dharma, and living the life of karma-yoga with prasada buddhi etc –we have covered this in earlier posts in this blog—there is no way you cannot gain this knowledge.

You can only choose between whether you make your pursuit inclusive of other things in life or exclusive. The fact remains that you need a mind free from the hold of raga and dwesha and you will get that only in a life of karma yoga

Does one always need a technique for meditation? There are so many kinds of meditations. How does one decide which one is right?  —Dr Sunita Sawla There are a thousand forms of meditation. It depends what you are meditating for. Every meditation will h... read more