Imperishable Brahman (chapter 8): We are talking of an existing universe here and not of a non-existing universe. Existence becomes the basis. In living organisms, consciousness also manifests, but is not manifest in non-living organis... read more

Imperishable Brahman (chapter 8)

It is very interesting to see how the word evolved or was understood by the rishis. Ishwara is everything; therefore, to call Ishwara by a name would mean you are eliminating a... read more

Imperishable Brahman (chapter 8)  This is a paradigm Krishna uses because of the popular belief that we become what we think of at the time of death. It’s only partly true. It’s also a question of how one has lived one’s life. I... read more

The king of knowledge, the king among secrets ( Chapter 9) A secret is something that has to be revealed. Similarly, this knowledge is also something that has to be revealed. But there are some secrets that one stumbles upon. For example,... read more

Glories of the lord (Chapter 10) : For emotional response to be there, you need a few actions that will connect you. Now, to feel connected you need a symbol, something that will represent read more

The vision of the Cosmic Person (Chapter 11) There is a lot of elbow room here and nothing is fixed. If I respond in harmony, if I respond with the attitude of offering everything to read more

Topic of devotion (Chapter 12) The Bhagavad Gita gives us so many methods; this ensures that nobody is left out, everyone can start from wherever he or she is. You could start with karma yoga, expose yourself to Vedanta, then contemplate on Ishwara and... read more

Topic of devotion (Chapter 12): This is how the wise person looks at the whole of society. He may know that the person is on the wrong track, he may point it out, and after that he will let the student be, he will let the student make the mistake and lear... read more

Q & A In an earlier post you had mentioned `…If I am meant to fail according to the Lord’s plan and if I succeed, then I’m going against God’s plan’ Please explain this. How is this possible? Can we go against God’s plan? — Sunita Chemburkar