Sankhya yoga/Topic of Karma(Chapter 2…continued) Last time we saw one aspect of karma-yoga i.e. to focus on what I can do. This can make me a highly responsible and proactive person, but there is also a flip side—I could be worried, anxious, tense... read more

The final pursuit is moksha. Why are we doing all that we do? If we really examine all our priorities, basically, we do everything to feel emotionally fulfilled.


Balance is yoga Sankhya yoga/Topic of knowledge(Chapter 2…continued) Lord Krishna gives two definitions of karma-yoga in the second chapter, let’s look at both of them in this post. Readers should note that although the third chapter of the Gita i... read more

If you have chosen the appropriate actions, in keeping with dharma, and living the life of karma-yoga with prasada buddhi etc –we have covered this in earlier posts in this blog—there is no way you cannot gain this knowledge.

There are certain things that the Vedas talk about which are verifiable, like the fact that I am pure awareness, the fact that a certain ritual will produce a result in this world. Those give me enough trust to accept those that I can’t verify here a... read more

The aim was to excel in whatever you were doing and use what you are doing to grow through a spirit of pursuit of excellence, taking care of priorities etc; so that all could be noble, intellectual and committed to dharma irrespective of one’s profes... read more

only a person who knows the truth, a wise person, only that person is actionless. But we see a lot of wise people doing a lot of action, and we see a lot of ignorant people doing nothing, being lazy and indolent. That is why he gave us this verse—tha... read more

Worship is in the attitude towards those actions, exactly as in karma-yoga. I could be doing a lot of karma, but that only makes me a karmi, or I can do it with this attitude of Ishwara-arpana, offering everything to the Lord, and prasad buddhi, taking th... read more

we also have something known as vidvat sanyasa. This is sanyasa as an end in itself. A wise person who knows the truth lives a life of a sanyasi whether he wears the robes or not. This is the sanyasa Krishna was talking about in the previous chapter as jn... read more