Does one always need a technique for meditation? There are so many kinds of meditations. How does one decide which one is right?  —Dr Sunita Sawla There are a thousand forms of meditation. It depends what you are meditating for. Every meditation will h... read more

  How to tackle negative thoughts besides witnessing them?—Mohan S Why do you want to tackle negative thoughts? Just let them come and go. Thoughts are thoughts, let them come and go. This is the basic philosophy behind witnessing them: letting them ha... read more

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Q & A In an earlier post you had mentioned `…If I am meant to fail according to the Lord’s plan and if I succeed, then I’m going against God’s plan’ Please explain this. How is this possible? Can we go against God’s plan? — Sunita Chemburkar

Q & A...How does one practice `Om’ meditation ? How do I know I’m doing it right? Are there any signs and indications that I am on the right track?....When you say `I am meditating on Om’, `Om’ stands for `Ishvara’. Therefore, truly speaking, I ... read more