Sankhya yoga/Topic of knowledge(Chapter 2 …continued) I would like to remind readers that Chapter 2 is one of the more important chapters in the Gita. In the previous post I mentioned that the crucial question the seeker must try to answer is:... read more

Sankhya yoga/Topic of knowledge(Chapter 2…continued) After having seen a dimension of this knowledge, in Chapter two Lord Krishna also talks about who is ready for this knowledge. What does it take to get this wisdom? Vedanta is not elitist, nobody ... read more

The shirt is mithya, the cloth is satyam. That means the shirt is functionally valid but it does not have a reality apart from the cloth.

Sankhya yoga/Topic of knowledge(Chapter 2…continued) The second chapter ends with a beautiful description of how a person, who has gained this wisdom, lives his life. It is Arjuna’s question, he asks Krishna very specifically: how does a wise person f... read more

Karma yoga is a very popular topic and also a much misunderstood one. One of the main misconceptions is about working without expecting results. Nobody, not even a fool, will do that.