With Paramguru Swami Dayanandaji

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati on the occasion of Swami Brahmavidananda’s 60th birthday

I am very happy that Sri Swami Brahmavidanandaji is going to be 60. I can’t believe it.

He came to me as a young boy going to college and since then I have been seeing him. And he is now 60 years.

All these days from his college days till now he never had any other commitment. He had only one commitment – to understand the shastra, to live that life. It ‘s an amazing accomplishment, an unflinching commitment. Although he had a short stint of work, it did not work for him!

And his parents were very supportive. That has helped him a lot. And of course I was supportive.He had come to Rishikesh and stayed here for quite a few years. He not only studied with me but also Swami Tarananandaji.

He had gone through the difficulties that one goes through as a student, but happily. He and Uday Acharya, both of them.

He had been teaching in Bombay very quietly. Only his students know him. He did not make a big news about himself. He did not make any attempt to do that.

He enjoys being a quiet teacher and that makes him a very, a very significant Mahatma.

I am very proud to have him as my disciple. I wish him well.

Swami Brahmavidananda’s contemporaries,  his guru bhais –  – great gurus in their own right share their thoughts about him 

Swami Sakshatkrtananda

Swami Sakshatkrtananda

Swami Sakshatkritananda, resident Acharya, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore

I am happy to know that Swami Brahmavidananda is completing 60 years. Swamiji is a great teacher who combines tradition and modernity. Traditional because he got the knowledge from Pujya Swamiji, sampradayavit.

Shankaracharya says in one place that this knowledge must be gained from a teacher who comes in the tradition – asampradaayavit murkhavat upekshaniyaaha. Swamiji has gained the knowledge from Swamiji who is a traditional teacher. One must know the tradition, subject matter being what it is –sabda ekavedyam. He is modern because the teaching that he gained from the teacher comes through his mind that has got modern education. The modernity in his teaching is in using modern examples. Nothing more.

Modern examples are easily comprehended for the current day society. Like karma, they say Iswara is karmaphala daata- One who dispenses the fruits of the action. How does he do this? There is a software. Iswara is the initiator of the first software. i.e. karma software. When we use modern examples, the modern mind is able to comprehend better. Swamiji has a combination of both tradition and modernity.Swamiji is a very good communicator. He has got skills of communication – very effective in his communication as all of you know.

I know him from his brahmacharya days when he was on the banks of Ganga living in Rishikesh and Haridwar. He has led a life of brahmacharya that has led him to own up this knowledge. I am happy that all of you are celebrating his Shastiapthapurti and seek his blessings for his continued teaching. I also pray to Lord for his long, healthy life so that he can continue to do the teaching seva.

Sri Suddhatma Chaitanya

Suddhatma Chaitanya, Swamiji’s Gurubhai, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Pennsylvania, USA
I am very happy to know that our Swami-friend (Gurubhai) Swami Brahmavidanandaji’s 60th birthday will be celebrated in Mumbai by all his students and friends on March 24th. 2013. We both have been good friends and buddies for past thirty years, since our Rishikesh days in early 90’s.

Swami BV ji was instrumental in introducing ‘Rishikesh Sadhu life’ to me and we shared and discussed vedantic teachings together during our stay in Rishikesh.

I still have some fond memories of those days together in Rishikesh, living with minimum and yet, gaining maximum in terms of ‘Self Knowledge’.

On this auspicious occasion of his 60th. Birthday, I pray to Lord Daksinamurti to bless Swamiji with sound health and long life. May he continue to share the Vedanta teaching with all his students in years to come.

My wife Samata, who knows Swamiji for long time, and is also his ‘Gurubehen’  joins me in sending lots of love and prayerful wishes to Swami BV on his 60th birthday,

We both wish all the success for Swamiji’s shasti-abdhi-purti celebration.

With love and regards

Uday Acharya, Gurubhai, Vedanta Acharya and Trustee of Vidya Vaaridhi Trust

Uday Acharya

Swami Brahmavidananda
Friend, Colleague, Mentor, Guide

He has been there in my life from my school days …. In the boxing ring; in boy scouts; in Tai Chi classes;  in Ramayana Class; in Teenagers’ Group;  in Saandeepany Gurukula;  at Rishikesh (Berry Cottage;  Andhra Ashram; Dayananda Ashram;  Kailas Ashram; Dashnaami Ashram; Tarananda Ashram, Tapovan Kuti); at Chaar Dham Yatras; at Monthly Satsangs (Colaba, Worli, Sion, Chembur, Vashi); at Gerry’s Classes (Dawn Club workshops) ;  at Jnana Yagnas (Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Coimbatore,  Kumbhakonam, Ernakulam, Trichur); Spiritual Camps (Lonavla, Matheran) ;  and probably a few more that I have lost track of.

He has been my memory outsourcing, reminding me about long forgotten experiences we have had with Pujya Swami Dayananda, Swami Tarananda, Swami Chinmayananda and others, in Bombay, Rishikesh and elsewhere. In fact, I can recall our first trek in the wilderness, carrying our own tents, food, etc to the Kumari Pass, near Nandadevi.

He has been my critic and guide in polishing my skills in writing, speaking, and organising. Some of my workshop skills I picked up were the effects of his challenge to me to prove myself. If been a competent teacher, a good writer, successful motivator, able counsellor, and great networker, I owe a great deal to this wonderful friend, philosopher and guide.

In recent years, we both have grown as teachers and branched away from many common activities of earlier days. However he has always made it a point to keep in touch, dropping in at my place to meet my parents and others at home, and updating me frequently about AVG activities and meets including the Acharya Sabha.

He has routinely recommended my name to corporates and institutes as a soft skill specialist and spiritual teacher. I remember the days after our Saandeepany Course when he took pains to share the Brahma Sutra notes with me and others in our teenagers group that included among others Dr Geeta (Brahmaprakashananda), Dr Hema, Kalyan, Revathi, etc. My understanding of Vedanta has been sharpened by the many discussions between us and at common forums, spiritual camps, etc.

While I may not have followed his tracks in taking on the robes of Sanyasa, I owe a great deal to him for keeping me committed to learning Vedanta, and helping me resolve many doubts about complex Vedantic truths. Words have no capacity to express my gratitude to this one person other than my teacher to whom I owe so much. All I can do is pray for your long life and good health to enable him to guide many more people towards light and freedom. Happy 60, Swamiji.

Swamini Brahmaprakasananda, Acharya, Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam, Nagpur

Swamini Brahmaprakasananda

Om Namo Narayanaya

It gives me great pleasure to pen these few words about Swami Brahmavidananda on the occasion of his 60th Birthday.

Right from our purvashrama days he is a very dear friend. He was not just a friend to me those days but he was also my friend philosopher and guide — all rolled in to one. We were a group of young people, closely knit into a group in which all of us were committed to atmajnana having accepted Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati as our guru. It was this mumukshutvam and our connection to the guru that drew us together.

In this close knit group he was the natural leader. He was the first one in our group to choose the parama-purushartha of moksha and commit his life to that pursuit. In that sense he was a model and inspiration for all of us. He was also our teacher. And I remember the classes of Vedanta, ranging from the Bhagavadgita to the Brahmasutra-bhashya that he would teach us.

What impressed me most was the love and care that he could bestow on all the people who came into contact with him. The expression of his love and care was not the soft mollycoddling type but was tough and elevating. I am sure his students of today also will vouch for that! And of course his skills as the teacher of Vedanta, the clarity of the knowledge have always impressed me and anyone who has heard him teach will agree with me.

He was a very committed sadhu and he lived and studied in the Himalayas for many years as one before coming down to teach in the city of Mumbai. He was the one who initiated me into a deeper study of the vedanta-sastra, the allied subjects and the grammar of Panini. He gave me the vision of the possibilities and was the inspiration for me to take to this life of atmajnana with complete surrender to our sgadguru, Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

I should not forget to mention his other skills and interests in the field of health, fitness and Martial Arts from a very young age. And today he has developed his interest in Martial arts into a level of yoga in the form of Taichi. By yoga I mean anything which helps you to gain atmajnana.

I pray to the Lord Dakshinamurti to bless him with a long life so that he can teach a large number of people and bless them.

Om namo Narayanaya